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AeroChill cooling boots use a super-absorbent fibre to cool the horses legs after exercise. This cooling helps reduce recovery time and cools body tissue.

AeroChill Cool Boots technology.

Evaporative Cooling reduces recovery time and consequently cools body tissue and regulates outer thermal temperature.

Evaporative Cooling helps increase recovery time. It cools body tissue and regulates outer thermal temperature. These Boots are also quilted which ensures that evaporation and therefore cooling occurs over a longer period of time.

The Boot is designed to fit the shape of a horses’s leg and fetlock.  This  design therefore helps support and reduce typical after-workout swelling.

The Cooling Boots can be re-activated continuously, by simply soaking in cold water. As a result, this means you can maintain a constant cooling effect on your horses legs.

Bandages and Leg Wraps

AeroChill Cooling Cool Boots