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Brazillian Doda Pinch Boots are a completely new and innovative hind boot. They offer much better and much safer results than many other hind boot currently available. Their design is unique and this is for sure a great boot to consider for all types of equestrian riding.

Doda Boots

The Doda Boots were designed by Brazilian Olympic rider Alvaro Miranda Neto 'Doda'. They came about off of the back of his years of experience training and competing with the highest level of jumping horses. During this time, he felt that the currently available hind boot designs were not producing adequate results.

Off the back of this, the biggest difference between these boots and other hind boots, is that they are extremely light weight. In terms of design, they are made up of a soft leather lining and a durable leather outer shell. With there being no weights in the boots, this is also a type of boot which puts very little stain on the horse.

Doda Boots have stood out in the marketplace due to their new innovative design. They are the boot of choice for many of the Olympic riders worldwide and a boot we recommend highly. Though we have none of their boots advertised, we are able to purchase these boots in on your behalf. Please simply contact us and we will attend to your requirements.

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